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Post-Operative Care

New Filling
You will be numb for about 2 hours after the completion of your appointment. Please do not eat or drink anything hot, to avoid burning and biting on the numb part of your mouth. Learn more.

Extraction Care
After an extraction, you will need to follow certain instructions to help with bleeding, swelling, pain, dry socket, bone and bone fragments, and sutures, as well as paying certain attention to your hygiene, general habits, and diet. Learn more.

Implant Care
After your surgery is over, you may rest a while and go home as soon as you feel you’re able to. Learn More.

New Crown or Bridge Care
Crown and bridge appointments are usually 2 to 3 visits. Some bridge appointments may need a fourth visit.The first visit is always the longest, taking up to 2 ½ hours. Learn more.

Dentures Care
New dentures will be uncomfortable and maybe somewhat painful for a few weeks. Learn More.

Root Canal Care
Root canal appointments are typically single appointment procedures, but may occasionally need a second appointment. In either case, you will have a temporary filling in the tooth. Learn more.