Questions About Covid 19?

Questions about Covid 19?

Dear Patients,

We at Lancaster Dental strive continually to stay updated with the latest guidance, recommendations and protocols by CDC, Massachusetts Department of Public Health and Massachusetts Dental Society.

As of September 1, 2022, all dental personnel are required to wear masks regardless of their vaccinated status but masks are optional for patients coming into the dental office.  Our dental office is located inside a medical office and all medical buildings require masks to and and stay masked unless guided otherwise.

Oral health matters now more than ever before

Sometimes if takes a global crisis to focus on areas that have we have not realized in the past how important it is.  Oral health is one of those areas.  The Covid 19 pandemic disrupted our way of life such that routine medical and dental care was put on hold which  continues to have long term impact on our daily life, our community and our overall health.

As more preventive and treatment measures for Covid 19 continue to improve, we urge all our patients to seek routine dental care to prevent emergency dental situations that may be difficult to address if prompt attention is not given at the right time.

Our infection control, sterilization procedures  have always exceeded the local, state and federal health standards.  We have new advanced filters and professional air-cleaners though out the office for the safety and protection of all our patients and employees.

Please feel free to call our office today for an appointment for routine care or any other matter of dental concern.


Madhuri Kavi, DMD